Florida Discount Guns, Inc. is currently seeking capital from private investors to turn our patent-pending concept into a reality, and are offering the full NEDG Kit (1 Rifle Kit + 1 Pistol Kit) at cost’, in a ‘group buy’ to the public, which will be enough funding to develop the idea into a functioning product, even without venture capital.

To make sure we have the funding we need, when we need it, the pre-order will work like this…

  • No money is due upon signup, but by signing today you are making a commitment to make a purchase in the future.
  • Upon receipt of the final drawings, we will be able to send you an invoice. If it is less than $1000 per unit, payment is due within 90 days. If the cost is more than $1000, we will allow the customer to opt out of the agreement, should they not want to pay the difference.
  • If by July 4th, 2013 Florida Discount Guns, Inc. does not have the minimum number of customers required to make a ‘group purchase’, a decision will be made to either extend the pre-buy period (for those willing to wait) or Florida Discount Guns, Inc. reserves the right to dissolve the contract, without any money ever changing hands.
  • Florida Discount Guns, Inc. agrees to produce the kit and ship it to you within 5 months, after we receive full payment from the entire group and place the order with the manufacturer. You should expect delivery of your NEDG kit to occur no later than Dec 31, 2013, at the very latest; hopefully much sooner.
  • If Florida Discount Guns, Inc. sells more units than the minimum number prior to the order, and the final cost per product is less than the price originally paid by the first 500 customers, those customers will get a refund for the difference, while those that pay later will not.
  • The NEDG you see in the illustrations is a ‘conceptual drawing’. The finished weapon will resemble the unit you see in the picture, but it will not be identical. For those that pre-order PRIOR to seeing the final blueprints, you will have the right to opt out if it is not ‘as described’ in the details section of this website, when we send you the final payment notice. This can be done by filling out the form we send you, signing and returning it to us at the address specified in that letter.