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The  Modular Pistol Conversion (‘MPC’) Personal Defense Weapon System:
The pre-order (group purchase) will include 1 pistol kit and 1 carbine kit…. it will be up to the customer, however, to acquire the correct stamps if they wish to configure the weapons system into certain configurations, noted above, which are viewed by the BATF as an SBR, or ‘short barreled rifle’. See the pre-order page for more details on how you will be able to get everything you see here, minus the guns, for $1,000, or less.





Additional Information

The benefit of a ‘double gun’ is that when one of gun runs out of bullets, just that gun can be selectively reloaded, while the other gun is maintained in the ‘ready’ condition, which ensures that the operator is always able to fire the unit ‘immediately and without hesitation’ – even if they are in the middle of a process that would normally render the operator of a conventional firearm defenseless.


  • Country of origin: United States
  • Manufacturer: Florida Discount Guns Inc.
  • Weapon type: non-firing firearm accessory
  • Pistol Compatibility: The first kit will be made to connect two Glocks together to form a NEDG. Later kits will accomodate additional pistols.
  • Phase of development: patent-pending/pre-prototype/concept
  • Overall length: Est. 863 Millimeters
  • ‘Free flow’ Barrel/shroud length: 18″+
  • Weight empty: Est. 2000 Grams
  • Magazine Capacity X2: (2)10, (2)15, (2)17, (2)18, (2)20 rounds or (2)30 – or any combination thereof, providing between 20-60 rounds of capacity between the two magazines.
  • Maximum effective range: Est. 100 meters



Figure 1. – X-Ray view of a ‘Never-Empty Double Gun’ (or ‘NEDG’) Carbine Conversion Kit.  A single NEDG Carbine Conversion Kit (#1) and two Glock 17s (#2, #3) comprise this particular SBR (NFA).



 Figure 2. – Outer view of a ‘Never-Empty Double Gun’ (or ‘NEDG’) Short Barreled Rifle (‘SBR’) Carbine Conversion Kit. (NFA)



Elements in the Figure:

  • Element 1 – An example of a ‘SBR Carbine Conversion Kit’.
  • Element 2 – A single 3rd party pistol in the ‘rear’ or ‘primary’ gun position.
  • Element 3 – A single 3rd party pistol in the ‘forward’ or ‘second’ gun position.
  • Element 4 – The NEDG’s rear grip, with access to the rear firing assembly controls.
  • Element 5 – The NEDG’s forward grip, with access to the forward firing assembly controls.
  • Element 6 – An example of a NEDG frame.
  • Element 7 – An optional rail for attaching a single sighting apparatus, such as a scope or sight. Alternatively, the rail could be replaced with a permanent sighting apparatus.
  • Element 8 – Rear trigger assembly, which fires the primary gun.
  • Element 9 – Rear gun chamber/breech area.
  • Element 10 - Rear gun charging handle.
  • Element 11 - The forward gun’s magazine that feeds the forward gun its ammunition.
  • Element 12 – Front trigger assembly, which fires the forward gun.
  • Element 13 – Front chamber/breech area.
  • Element 14 – Optional accessory attachment rails.
  • Element 15 – Second gun charging handle.
  • Element 16 – Top/primary gun barrel.
  • Element 17 – Bottom/secondary gun barrel.
  • Element 18 – Butt (or shoulder) stock.
  • Element 19 – The rear or primary magazine that feeds the primary gun ammunition.
  • Element 20 – Rear sight and carry handle.
  • Element 21 – Front sight.